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Fluid Flux v2.0.2 (5.2)

Fluid Flux v2.0.2 (5.2)

Fluid Flux v2.0.2 (5.2)

UE 5.2 | File size: 327.9 MB

The Fluid Flux is a powerful water system based on 2D shallow-water simulations.

Realtime shallow water simulation – fluid data modifiers, wave generator, and extendable interface
Fluid surface rendering – caustics, wetness, underwater, waterline, advected foam, advected waves, blending with the ocean, dynamic audio detection
Fluid Interaction – simple cheap ripple solver moving with character, optimized to an absolute minimum
Ocean wave blending – rendering tillable ocean heightmap texture in a single pass
Niagara environment interaction – High-quality effects, bouncy, plants, character swimming, boats,
Clean, efficient, GPU-friendly implementation, interface designed with the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule in mind

Small, compact, and low memory footprint
Tool for generating ultra-fast static meshes with flow maps baked into vertex color.
Advanced fluid state management, loading state in gameplay.
Niagara fluid async readback system for sampling height and flow of fluid in blueprints.
Dynamic audio analyzer. The sound source is positioned based on fluid movement.
Four example maps – beach, island, river, and baked static river

مقالات ذات صلة

Uses velocity-based fluid flow advection method for foam, caustics, and waves
Water cross-section rendering
Large-scale nonsimulated coastline(up to 10×10 km) with wave break based on wave profile technology
Infinite mesh grid rendering based on Niagara
Watercolor presents, advanced scattering settings, and brush painter
Underwater based on SLW material mode working with changeable time-of-day

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