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MotionVFX mTransition Quake

MotionVFX mTransition Quake

MotionVFX mTransition Quake

تسمح الديناميكية المذهلة لـ mTransition Quake بمجموعة واسعة من إجراءات التعديل، مما يجعلها مرنة وقابلة للتكيف مع كل تعديل.
استخدم قائمة المعلمات المنشورة لتخصيص المظهر بسهولة
لكل من التحولات.

FCPX 10.3.2 (or later) | 50 FCPX transitions | Size 63.4 MB

The incredible dynamism of mTransition Quake allow for a wide range of
modification actions, making them flexible and adaptable to every edit.
Use the list of published parameters to easily customize the look
of each of the transitions.
High-quality, realistic textures give every frame of
those transitions a unique character.
Organic light effects and film burns unify the
components of each shift and make the whole
a concise composition.
If you want your shifts to be mysterious, tense and startling mTransition Quake
is a ready-made solution for your needs. These must-have plugin will bring
on the goosebumps and make your audience shiver.

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