Domestika – Expressive Motion Graphics Animations

Domestika - Expressive Motion Graphics Animations

Domestika – Expressive Motion Graphics Animations

تعلم تقنيات الرسوم المتحركة لإنشاء مشاريع مليئة بالتعبير في After Effects
سيباستيان بابتيستا (سيباس) هو مخرج ورسام رسوم متحركة متخصص في الرسوم المتحركة. ومن عام 2011 إلى عام 2014 كان مديرًا مشاركًا لدراسة Sebas and Clim.

Learn animation techniques to create projects in After Effects that are full of expression
Sebastián Baptista (Sebas) is a Director and Animator specialized in Motion Graphics. From 2011 to 2014 he was co-director of the study Sebas and Clim .

Throughout his career there are three elements that have influenced him constantly: The type of environment in which he moved, the experience he was acquiring and luck. But, as he says, “luck has to be helped” through learning, vocation and perseverance.Sebas managed to place himself in the elite of international animation and, in his more than 10 Years of career, he has learned a series of techniques, concepts and tricks that he will share with you in this course.

Many of the things he explains can be put into practice in animations in After Effects, but others will be useful for any type of animation or editing project.

IMPORTANT: Sebas will teach tricks and techniques of the professional use of After Effects to improve any animation in time and quality. However, prior basic knowledge is required on how to use this program before beginning the course.

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