Shopping Mall (MODULAR Environment) V 1.5

Shopping Mall (MODULAR Environment) V 1.5

Shopping Mall (MODULAR Environment) V 1.5

يتضمن المشروع كل ما تراه في لقطات الشاشة ومقاطع الفيديو. المبنى النهائي لمركز التسوق مع التصميم الداخلي التفصيلي للمحلات التجارية والمقاهي والمباني الأخرى، وكذلك الجزء الخارجي من المبنى. بعض المتاجر مجمعة ولها تصميمات داخلية (شاهد الفيديو)، وباقي المتاجر معروضة على شكل واجهات متاجر مع ملصقات. خلف المحلات التجارية يوجد ممر به غرف فنية. رفوف البضائع (الملابس والأحذية والأجهزة المنزلية) هي مخططات ثابتة يتم فيها تجميع النماذج الفردية ثلاثية الأبعاد. أيضًا (كمثال ولأغراض التحسين)، يتم تجميع بعض النماذج في نموذج واحد باستخدام أمر ‘دمج الممثلين’ (التهوية الداخلية وبعض النماذج الأخرى).

The project includes everything you see in screenshots and videos. The finished building of a shopping center with a detailed interior design of shops, cafes and other premises, as well as the exterior of the building. Some of the stores are assembled and have interiors (watch the video), the rest of the stores are presented in the form of storefronts with posters. Behind the shops there is a corridor with technical rooms. Racks with goods (clothing, shoes, household appliances) are static Blueprints, in which individual 3D models are assembled. Also (as an example and for optimization purposes), some models are assembled into one using the “Merge Actors” command (indoor ventilation and some others).


Blueprints – interactive elevator, escalator, doors and gates, fountain, barrier, air conditioning on the roof.


The package contains a standard UE4 character, its blueprints contain the logic of interaction with the elevator and the doors of the building. When using your character, you will need to copy this logic into your player’s blueprints.


The building is built of separate modular elements, if desired, you can change it at your discretion (length, width, number of floors).


Updat: In version 1.1, the lighting in UE5 has been completely redesigned. Solar panels and some other 3D models have also been added. Replaced or edited some textures on models, as well as storefronts.

Technical Details
The project includes:

Walls, windows, doors, roofs and other details for the construction of a shopping center building. Modular building models (walls, roof, floor), basically, have the right UV map and allow you to use any tile materials.

– Escalator (bluprint)

– Interactive elevator (bluprint)

– Doors, gates (bluprint)

– Inter-storey staircase

– External staircase (evacuation)

Detailed design of the interiors of shops and cafes. If necessary, you can add and create your own store interiors.


Number of Unique Meshes: 559

Collision: Yes (automatically, individual)

Vertex Count:

– Modular elements – beams, columns and wall panels (from 28 to 1052)

– Clothing models – (from 1713 to 35190)

– Shoe models – (from 1808 to 5669)

– Models of household appliances and electronics – (from 634 to 9061)

LODs: Yes (131 Meshes)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 314

Number of Textures: 551

Texture Resolutions: The resolution of the textures is varied (from 512 to 4096)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Documentation: No

Credit to Roky1 at forum

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Shopping Mall (MODULAR Environment) V 1.5

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