Native Instruments Maschine 2.15.1 (x64)

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The new version is completely redesigned, Drum Synths, mixer, etc. NEW audio engine sound engine MASCHINE 2 now allows you to add unlimited groups and inserts effects MASCHINE powerful set of features. Multicore support ensures that your computer will handle all this in parallel with the processing of ultra high – even when using the software as a VST or AU plug-in module. New audio engine now also supports side bindings for sidechaining, for classic ducking effects and more ..

MASCHINE a revolutionary system for creating grooves tactile creative bit-making organization of recognized sound library Kontakt 5 any other VST, VSTi library.
Together with the software package for creating beats MASCHINE create quickly and easily combine the power and flexibility of software with tactile immediacy of hardware. His sequencer based on patterns, high-performance sampler, has an incredible set of professional tools and studio effects, exemplary drum synthesizers and library Kontakt 5 are you a complete system for quickly and professionally create grooves.

If you’re still using MASCHINE 1.x, the MASCHINE 2 software update can give you more functionality, sound, and raw power for modern music production. Completely reworked, the software offers countless new ways to support and fast-track your ideas.
The software is compatible with all generations of MASCHINE and MASCHINE MIKRO* – it works with the hardware you already have. Read on for details on what you get…

MASCHINE 2’s audio engine adds unlimited groups and insert effects to MASCHINE’s powerful feature set. Multicore support ensures your computer handles it all in parallel with ultra-efficient processing – even when using the software as a VST or AU plug-in. The new audio engine now also supports sidechaining, for classic ducking effects and more.

DRUM SYNTHSMASCHINE 2 sets a new benchmark in software drum synthesis. Create your own perfectly-tuned electronic and acoustic drum sounds in truly peerless sound quality.
Six exclusive monophonic drum plug-ins, with their own unique algorithms, give you any percussive sound you need. All fully tweakable, automatable, and perfectly integrated into MASCHINE – with the quality that comes from NI’s acclaimed DSP expertise.

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Polish your tracks to perfection with the mixer window in MASCHINE 2. Tweak volume and panning with ultimate ease. See group and individual track levels clearly on meters complete with peak level indicators. Adjust levels on any group of sounds. And two aux sends per channel let you freely route sounds anywhere in your project.
MASCHINE’s new user interface brings you all this and much more – cutting-edge groove production has never been this easy.

MASCHINE 2’s new plug-in strip gives you a whole new way of seeing your instruments and effects. Each internal instrument and effect now has its own layout for lightning fast visual recognition. This intuitive, visual integration extends to KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects. And beyond that, MASCHINE can handle pretty much any VST, AU or effect plug-in you own.

Browse presets and load any KOMPLETE 12 Instrument or Effect at-a-glance directly from MASCHINE 2’s full-color product icon display. And now, there’s even more to discover. MASCHINE 2 includes KOMPLETE 12 SELECT – a premium selection of 14 KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects. Get a full suite of professional sound right out of the box and control it all from your MASCHINE hardware.
You also get over 2000 more samples, 200 brand-new MASSIVE presets, and over 100 new kits – all in a streamlined browser that makes finding your sound fast and simple. No matter what sound you’re after, MASCHINE is waiting for you.

Whats New

Platform: WiN64 – EXE/VST/AAX(MODiFiED)

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