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GS Toolbox v1.1.6 Maya (2023 compatible) Modeling Plug-in

GS Toolbox v1.1.6 Maya (2023 compatible) Modeling Plug-in

GS Toolbox v1.1.6 Maya (2023 compatible) Modeling Plug-in

GS Toolbox is a collection of tools created to fill some of the gaps in Autodesk Maya modeling tools and provide quick access to some of the existing tools.

GS Toolbox is mainly focused on hard surface modeling, however some of the features can be easily and effectively used in all types of workflows.

GS Toolbox has interactive UI that reacts to certain commands and prompts user for action.

Online Documentation: LINK

Some of the features include:

Full support of High DPI resolutions (from 1080p to 4k+)
Quick and easy Grouping of Objects and Components using 20 interactive Group Slots. Grouped objects and components can then be easily selected, hidden or made unselectable in viewport with one click.
Fast Angle Based Edge Selection, Creasing and Beveling with interactive viewport highlight and quick selection of subdivision depth and crease amounts.
Linear and Radial Arrays. Procedural and editable.
Quad Fill. Fill holes with Quads. Supports curved surfaces.
Convert Creases to Bevels
Dot Select Components
Quick Transform and Selection Constraints
One click Mirror, Flip, Instance with Mirror and Delete by Symmetry
One click Instance Copy with/without Offset and Special Instance+ option with Boolean support
Store Vert Edits and quickly Delete Construction History Nodes
Store Snapshots to preserve construction history before its deletion
Snap to Polygon /w Instance function to snap any object to selected polygon with one click.
Straighten selected edges or smoothly Interpolate them (multi selection compatible)
Clean Combine, Separate, Duplicate and Extract functions. No more unnecessary groups in Outliner
Fast Interactive Boolean with Object Editing and Delete Cutter options.
Quick Construction Plane snapped to polygon
12 Fast Material Slots with Presets and MatCap options …

مسودة تلقائية
GS Toolbox v1.1.6 Maya (2023 compatible) Modeling Plug-in 3
GS Toolbox v1.1.6 Maya (2023 compatible) Modeling Plug-in 4

Unpack and copygs_toolbox folder to {PathToDocuments}\Documents\Maya\{MayaVersion}\scripts\
Example of the final folder structure:
Documents\Maya\2019\scripts\gs_toolbox\{Other Files}
Run Maya
In “Python” command line, run this command:
import gs_toolbox.init as tb_init;from imp import reload;reload(tb_init);tb_init.Init();

Discord Server


MAYA LT is NOT supported.
Tested on Maya 2018-2023 for Windows
Tested on Maya 2018-2023 for Mac (Beta Support)
Linux and Maya LT are currently not supported.
Maya 2017 should work, but it will have no support or bug fixes

All future updates are free!

Release Notes
Version 1.1.6

New Features:

Maya 2023 Support
Selection Sets Boolean Logic. Middle Mouse Drag or Click with Modifiers:
Shift + Ctrl to add selection to the layer or (combine layers if dragged)
Shift + Alt to get a difference between the layer and the selection (or the difference between dragged and target layer)
Ctrl + Alt to get an intersection between the selection and the layer (or the intersection between the dragged and target layer)

Major improvement for Duplicate and Extract functions. They will now separate only selected faces and other detached shells will stay combined with the original object.
Added Hotkeys:
Create Crease Sets
Creases to Bevels
Bake Crease Sets
Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug with “Repeat Last” hotkey not working for some functions.

Maya 2017 Support is Dropped. It might still work just fine but there will be no bug fixes for this version.

GS Toolbox v1.1.6 Maya (2023 compatible) Modeling Plug-in

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