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PeregrineLabs Yeti 4.1.8 Maya 2020-2023

PeregrineLabs Yeti 4.1.8 Maya 2020 2023

PeregrineLabs Yeti 4.1.8 Maya 2020-2023

Released: 19/10/22

Dependencies: MtoA, Arnold, V-Ray 5.20, Renderman 24.4, Redshift 3.5.06, Clarisse 5.0 SP8

Changes & Bug Fixes

fixed a bug with Random scraggle that caused jittering when fibre counts were varying.
updated the Convert node to allow more control over the resulting Strands when converting from Fibres allowing the output to be used with both the Groom and Guide nodes.
resolved Redshift offset motion blur issues.

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PeregrineLabs Yeti 4.1.8 Maya 2020-2023

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