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Motion Design Kick Starter: POPS in Adobe After Effects

Motion Design Kick Starter: POPS in Adobe After Effects
Motion Design Kick Starter: POPS in Adobe After Effects

Hellooo! I’m Russ and today we’re going to make some simple pops and bursts in Adobe After Effects for beginner animators. A Motion Design, vector Shape Layer animation kick starter.
I’ll be taking you through everything you need to know to make a nice simple graphic style pop.
We’ll be covering just the essential parts of After Effects to get started. Then we’ll be looking specifically at very simple animation using Shape Layers.
I’ll also be putting a bit of emphasis on the animation and show you how to make the motion satisfying and maximise the pop effect in subtle ways.
You’ll be following me step by step so this class is suitable for people who are completely new to After Effects.
Then at the end I will be setting you a hands on project so you can try out your new knowledge to create something unique.
We will be covering
A quick intro to the AE interface, not everything but the main parts we’ll be using for our popping purposes.
A intro to Shape Layers and the ins and outs of how they work.
We’ll be creating one main simple pop animation.
Then we’ll look at adding that animation to my pre-made animated balloon template to make them pop.
And finally I’ll briefly take you through some variations on the pop animations to give you some ideas for you to create original pops of your own.
I hope that once you have completed this course you’ll have got to grips with the basics of using After Effects as well as a good handle on what shape layers are and how to use the timeline to make satisfying animation with them.

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