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MotionVFX – Cyberpunk Model Pack

MotionVFX - Cyberpunk Model Pack

MotionVFX – Cyberpunk Model Pack


A fine selection of 37 models with advanced possibilities to complete and boost your mO2 library. Create stunning compositions with customized lighting, shadows and colors, use various placeholders for your footage and animate the objects to energize your scenes.


A set of 37 USDZ models for Apple Motion

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exclusive mO2 titles

Owners of the mO2 plugin get two additional pre-animated titles inspired by the cyberpunk universe. These mO2 Scenes are ready-to-use and easily modified for the user’s purposes. Barge into the cyberpunk world equipped with these spectacular openers and leave a lasting impression!

MotionVFX – Cyberpunk Model Pack | Homepage

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