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Adobe FireFly AI for Photoshop اداة الذكاء الاصطناعي للفوتوشوب من ادوبي حصريا

اداة الذكاء الاصطناعي للفوتوشوب حصريا Adobe FireFly AI for Photoshop

Adobe FireFly AI for Photoshop اداة الذكاء الاصطناعي للفوتوشوب من ادوبي حصريا

ثبت واستخدم

Adobe Firefly هي عائلة من نماذج الذكاء الاصطناعي التوليدية التي أنشأتها Adobe لمجموعة Creative Cloud الخاصة بها. إنه مصمم لإثراء وتبسيط سير العمل الإبداعي في تطبيقات Adobe من خلال أدوات الشبكة العصبية. تم تدريب firefly على مجموعة بيانات من الصور من Adobe Stock والأعمال مفتوحة المصدر ومواد المجال العام التي انتهت صلاحية حقوق النشر الخاصة بها. تضمن Adobe أن الصور التي تم إنشاؤها آمنة للاستخدام التجاري ولا تنتهك الملكية الفكرية لأشخاص آخرين أو علامات تجارية.

حاليًا ، يركز الذكاء الاصطناعي في Firefly على إنشاء تأثيرات للصور والنصوص ، وأحد ميزات USP الرئيسية هو تعديل وإنشاء صور مدركة للمحتوى مباشرةً في Photoshop. يدعم firefly ميزة تسمى ‘Generative Fill’ ، والتي تتيح لك تغيير الصورة الأصلية (إضافة وإزالة كائنات وتغيير الطقس وشكل الكائنات وما إلى ذلك) مع مراعاة المنظور والإضاءة والأسلوب. وبالتالي ، يمكنك إنشاء المحتوى الضروري في ثوانٍ باستخدام لغة طبيعية.

في وقت هذا الإصدار ، كان Adobe Firefly متاحًا فقط في الإصدار التجريبي 24.6 من Photoshop. لكنني ، m0nkrus ، أقترح عليك الاستفادة من إمكانيات هذه الخدمة الآن!

مقالات ذات صلة

متطلبات النظام:

  • Adobe Photoshop الإصدار 24.5 مثبت مسبقًا
  • لا يوجد حظر لخوادم Adobe ، وخاصة المستخدمة لإزالة النافذة المنبثقة
  • مطلوب إذن أدوبي فوتوشوب

‘طريقة التثبيت

شرح تثبيت وتفعيل Adobe FireFly AI for Photoshop اداة الذكاء الاصطناعي للفوتوشوب من ادوبي حصري


1.) قم بتثبيت Adobe Photoshop 2023.

2.) تسجيل الدخول للبرنامج.

3.) قم بتشغيل FireflyAI.exe وانتظر ‘اكتمال إضافة دعم Adobe Firefly’.

4.) استمتع!

يجب ان يكون لديك النسخة المفعلة الكاملة للفوتوشوب 2023 من سوق المصمم او مايعادلها لتحميل النسخة المفعلة

النسخة المفعلة Adobe Photoshop 2023 نسخة (VIP)

Adobe FireFly AI for Photoshop اداة الذكاء الاصطناعي للفوتوشوب من ادوبي حصريا

System requirements:

Adobe Photoshop version 24.5 pre-installed

No blocking of Adobe servers, in particular used to remove the pop-up window

Adobe Photoshop authorization required

Adobe Firefly is a family of generative artificial intelligence models created by Adobe for its Creative Cloud suite. It is designed to enrich and simplify creative workflows in Adobe applications through neural network tools. fireflytrained on a dataset of images from Adobe Stock, open source works, and public domain material that has expired copyright. Adobe warrants that images created are safe for commercial use and do not infringe the intellectual property of other people or brands.

Currently, Firefly’s AI is focused on generating effects for images and text, and one of the main USPs is modifying and creating content-aware images right in Photoshop. fireflysupports a feature called “Generative Fill”, which allows you to change the original image (add and remove objects, change the weather, the shape of objects, etc.) taking into account perspective, lighting and style. Thus, you can create the necessary content in seconds using natural language.

At the time of this release, Adobe Firefly is only available in Photoshop version 24.6 beta. But I, m0nkrus, suggest you take advantage of the possibilities of this service now!


Q: How is Adobe Firefly supported? What does the patch do?
Answer: It’s simple: I took a few key files from Photoshop 24.6 Beta required to support Firefly, and with the help of a patch I replace the original files of your Photoshop 2023 installation with them. The original files are also preserved. They will have *.orig extension. So you will have the opportunity to return to the original product.

Question: Will everything be treated? Do you need to hack something after applying the patch?
Answer:The patch contains already cured files. If necessary, you can use the program even without authorization. True, Firefly will not work in this mode. However, I would like to note that Firefly is accessing the same IP addresses as the pop-up window outside of Russia with a notification about the need for authorization. So the blocking of these addresses, which is implemented in my 2023 product assemblies, had to be removed! Decide for yourself what is more important to you.

Question: Will Photoshop be patched correctly if it is located on a path that differs from the recommended default?
Answer: The patch takes information about the program directory from the registry. So you don’t have to worry about this.

Question: How is it with support for various languages?
Answer:As for the Firefly interface, it will be in the language in which you originally installed Photoshop 2023. But requests to AI will have to be sent exclusively in English. He does not understand anything else.

Question: Is it possible to apply the patch to Photoshop version below 24.5?
Answer: I tried to run the patch on versions 24.4.1 and 24.2.1 – it didn’t work. At the same time, Photoshop itself stopped starting, giving an error. Based on this, I conclude that the patch is only possible on version 24.5. Well, maybe in future versions.

Question: When I try to run a patch, I get an error message. How to be?
Answer:The patch is a self-extracting 7zip archive. Sometimes misconfigured systems are unable to handle this file. But this is not a verdict. Unpack FireflyAI.exe with an archiver available to you and run the replace.cmd file in unpacking. It will work and close, thereby completing the installation of the necessary files in their places.

Question: My progress bar is almost completely filled with green and everything stops there. There is no result. What’s wrong?
Answer:Keep in mind that this is a beta version of the AI, and that this is an online service and may be hindered by commonplace problems on the line or overload of Adobe servers. Plus, remember that we use all of this illegally, and Adobe may be trying to somehow limit our activity. In any case, I do not need to complain about this!

Adobe FireFly AI for Photoshop اداة الذكاء الاصطناعي للفوتوشوب حصريا

Adobe FireFly AI for Photoshop اداة الذكاء الاصطناعي للفوتوشوب من ادوبي حصريا

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Adobe FireFly AI for Photoshop اداة الذكاء الاصطناعي للفوتوشوب من ادوبي حصريا

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