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AEJuice – 2D Animation Presets

AEJuice - 2D Animation Presets

AEJuice – 2D Animation Presets

Program Name: After Effects , Premiere Pro
File Types: MOGRT , AEP
Version: CC 2015 +
Resolution: 3840×2160
File Size: 33 MB

A pack of 2D animation presets for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

2D Animation Presets is a powerful tool that enables you to create beautiful 2D animations with ease.

مقالات ذات صلة

With the 2D Animal Presets tool, you can easily add keyframes and create stunning digital animations that will make your videos look professional.

This tool is compatible with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. If you need guidance, seek an “After Effects tutorial animation 2D video”.

Our 2D Animation Presets work perfectly with our Text and 3D Animation Presets


Easy to apply (1 click)
Drag and drop
In and Out animations
9 directions
Change directions in real-time
Flexible controls
Auto-animation mode (1 click to animate the scene)
Adjust the speed with markers
All Pack Manager features (fast preview, favorites, etc.)
Works with your keyframes!
Works with AEJuice Shifter

AEJuice – 2D Animation PresetsAEJuice – 2D Animation Presets | Homepage

AEJuice - 2D Animation Presets

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AEJuice - 2D Animation Presets

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