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Slides – Vintage Slideshow Template for After Effects – AEJuice

Slides - Vintage Slideshow

Slides – Vintage Slideshow Template for After Effects – AEJuice

After Effects , Premiere Pro | AEP, MOGRT

حزمة من قوالب عرض شرائح الأفلام القديمة لـ After Effects مع أداة إنشاء عرض الشرائح. يدعم إصدار Premiere Pro الشرائح الفردية فقط.

A pack of vintage film slideshow templates for After Effects with a slideshow creator tool. The Premiere Pro version supports only individual slides.
Slides – Vintage Collection is a slideshow creator tool with a revolutionary music recognition algorithm and award-winning design.
Slides have changed the game forever. Now you can create a perfectly edited slideshow in less than 1 minute!
It is not your all-size-fits-all stock slideshow.
Slides will analyze your music, and recommend the best amount of photos and videos to use.
After that, you can select a folder with photos and videos, and the plugin will do the rest: edit animations to match your music, place auto-resized photos inside placeholders, and deliver your slideshow on a silver plate.

You can customize the order of photos and videos. You can also replace any individual slides after the slideshow has been created. Everything is 100% editable. You’ll get a composition with pre-comps, layers, and controls. The same one if you would create it manually.
Did the client change the music at the last moment? Not a problem. Rerun the slideshow creator and get a completely new slideshow.
There are more than 1,000,000 possible unique combinations you could create.

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