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MW Dune Desert Landscape

MW Dune Desert Landscape

MW Dune Desert Landscape

حل متكامل لصحراء الكثبان الرملية لبناء صحراء الكثبان الرملية الواقعية من الجيل التالي والتي تتكون من أشجار النخيل وأنواع النباتات المختلفة. نماذج التصوير المساحي الممسوحة ضوئيًا بشكل احترافي وأنسجة النخيل والصخور والحطام والنباتات وكل شيء آخر مطلوب لبناء الكثبان الرملية الأكثر واقعية في السوق.

MW Dune Desert Landscape

Complete dune desert biome solution to build a next-gen photo realistic dune desert composed of datepalm trees and various plants species. Professionally scanned photogrammetry models and textures of palms, rocks, debris, plants and everything else needed to build the most realistic dune desert on the marketplace.

Full Nanite support:

مسودة تلقائية
MW Dune Desert Landscape 6

All assets are high-res Nanite meshes including trees and plants, as well as rocks and debris, are all using Nanite by default. Everything is tweaked to the max to produce truly next-gen visuals.

MW Dune Desert Landscape

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Powerful procedural generation:

MW Dune Desert Landscape 7

Full procedural foliage generation or painting with high performance interactive foliage and advanced wind system.

Build a incredibly detailed desert oasis with hundreds of plants only with a few clicks, using powerful procedural foliage generation.

Advanced materials and function:

The advanced ground material with 9 different surface types: various sands, oasis, rock/stones & dirt automatically generates all the small ground cover and foliage. Procedural puddles, wind functions are only some of the powerful material functions include with the product.

MW Dune Desert Landscape

Shared structure and functions:

Tweak all materials to fit your projects needs: general master materials, color correction, randomization, detail textures and feature switches. Functions are shared between our products to make integration and combination as easy as possible. Make optimizations on a global level and have all our assets reflect them automatically across different products. (Check products support table in docs)

FEATURES [2.0.4]:
Highres Nanite meshes for palms, debris, rocks and slopes
High resolution photogrammetry models and textures
Procedural oasis generation
Interactive foliage
9 paintable forest landscape layers
Paintable procedural water puddles
Procedural oasis ground cover
Foliage wind system
2x Lumen lighting presets: daytime, nighttime
400 SQKM landscape

ASSET LIST [2.0.4]:
Palms Large: 3
Palms Medium: 3
Palms Saplings: 2
Palms Seedlings: 2
Plants: 18
Grass: 4
Ground Cover: 15
Rocks: 10
Slopes: 3
Sand Patches: 4
Props: 1
Ground Materials: 9
Particles Systems: 2
Material Functions: 60
Blueprint: 3

Datepalm | Phoenix dactylifera

MWLIB [2.0.4]:
MWCommon current version: V1.4.2
(only same version assets are compatible with each other)

Technical Details
This product uses the new UE5 features Nanite, Lumen and VSM by default.
Its recommended to have a RTX 30 series GPU or faster.

!! Make sure to download our DefaultEngine.INI: DD_Default Settings (UE5.2) (PC)

V2.0.4 is available in UE5 versions 5.20 and above
V2.0.1 is available in UE5 versions 5.10
Full change log is available in our Discord Channel.

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes

Texture Size: The majority of assets use 4k base color, normal, and utility textures

Collision: Yes (automatically generated)

Nanite Triangle Count: 1 million (palms) 1-2 million (rocks/debris), 4000-200 (plants)

LODs: None (Nanite fallback)

Lightmap Support: No

Number of Meshes: 71

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 104

Number of Textures: 95

Platforms Tested: PC

MW Dune Desert Landscape | Homepage


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