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Udemy – The Ultimate Blender 3D Nodes Course

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Udemy – The Ultimate Blender 3D Nodes Course

Learn ALL Shader Nodes & ALL Compositing Nodes In Blender!

Have you ever wanted to be able to make your own materials from scratch or composite your renders so they stand out but were always overwhelmed by nodes? Well no problem! In this course we will learn every single node and ALL of their options. Not only will we learn what each node does but how to use it practically for materials or compositing.

What is covered in this course

In this course we will cover ALL shader nodes and ALL compositing nodes. If you are not familiar with nodes at all, no worries as we will cover everything from the beginning! This course is best done in order as each video builds on the last but if you want to learn a particular node for a project you are working on you can just search for a node as we go over one node per video and each node can be learned independently from other videos!

With every node that we learn, we will use it in a practical way to create a material or composition. So not only will you learn what the nodes do and their options, but HOW to use them.

All Shader Nodes

Once you know these, you will be able to create any procedural material that you want like metal, snow, lava, cloth, plastic, grass, dirt and MUCH MUCH more and be able to confidently use shader nodes. With every shader node we learn here, we will use it in a practical way to create an object with a material for our scene!

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